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Whether woody plants (shrubs, etc.) or perennial flowering plants, if they are installed on mulch (in order to limit watering and weeding), whether mineral (gravel, etc.) or organic (bark, shredded material, etc.), it is always tricky and complex to fertilize these crops on mulch without various tedious interventions (cutting off the mulch, spreading fertilizer, hoeing and replacing the mulch).

This is also the case for plants planted on a protective canvas, fertilization remains delicate insofar as the ground is completely covered.


With Fertil'canne®, an intervention at the collar of the plant remains possible.

Fertil'canne® allows you to always intervene with precision, as close as possible to the roots, without waste and by limiting the competition of weeds which will not be able to benefit from this contribution.

Fertilize your plants on mulch

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