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Fertilize your plants in pots or containers

Your trees, shrubs or perennial plants in containers also need to be fertilized regularly, especially since the volume of soil in which these plants grow is limited and does not renew itself as in the ground.


This is particularly true for city trees growing in small volumes of soil comparable to buried containers or for any other potted plants on terraces, paths, etc.


With Fertil'canne, you can bring several types of fertilizers despite these particular growing conditions:

  1. Organic fertilizers, in granules for example, which provide the nutrients necessary for the development of your plants while improving the structure of your soil.

  2. Mineral fertilizers that provide all the missing nutrients to your plants.


You can also apply certain phytosanitary treatments (requiring treatment at the heart of the roots) or certain stimulants (diluted manure for example) to your plants.

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