“I demand luxury for my gardener”

Visit: “The multipurpose Fertil'canne” this site and learn how to use this innovative tool that will make you a valuable service.

With fertil'canne, gardening ... otherwise become powerful!

Discover an innovative tool that allows you to target your interventions and caring for your crops.

Fertilisthis, treat, sow, mycorhizez your plants roots and heart effortlessly!

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Try this new method of gardening.

Some gardening tasks have side painful… Voici un outil qui vous rendra les plus grands services sans vous faire mal au dos.

It is only a question of organization… the method of gardening is not the same!

This tool will change the way you see things and respond to the garden! , otherwise!
With him, you target your interventions only where it is needed and you do not waste time and energy often unnecessary gestures.
Fertil'canne allows you to get to the point in saving fertilizer, water or other various treatments.

Fertilcanne Adelfo is offered by: pools natural gardens